Building Appweb with CGI Support

Appweb includes support for CGI but it is not enabled by default to minimize the security surface. If you wish to use CGI, you need to enable CGI and rebuild Appweb.

To build Appweb with CGI support:

make ME_COM_CGI=1

CGI Configuration

The following default configuration is enabled in appweb.conf once Appweb is built with CGI support.

AddHandler cgiHandler exe cgi cgi-nph out bat cmd pl py php
ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "${DOCUMENTS}/../cgi-bin"
Action application/x-perl /usr/bin/perl
Action application/x-python /usr/bin/python
Action application/x-lua /usr/bin/lua
Action application/x-ruby /usr/bin/ruby
LimitProcesses 10
CgiPrefix CGI_
CgiEscape on

This configuration will run scripts and executables in the ../cgi-bin directory which should be outside the web documents directory. It is setup to handle Perl, Python, Lua and Ruby scripts. On Windows, it will run .bat and .cmd scripts. This configuration limits CGI to at most 10 simultaneous requests. CGI environment variables will be escaped for security and will have a "CGI_" prefix.

Consult the CGI Directives for more information.


Appweb supports FastCGI as an alternative way to run CGI programs on Unix style systems.

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