Appweb Licensing

Appweb is published in two editions with different licenses:

The Enterprise edition is a royalty free, commercially licensed edition with options for commercial maintenance and support. Contact for details. The Community edition is an open source licensed edition of Appweb provided under the GPL license. You may use either, provide you fully comply with the governing terms.

Appweb Enterprise Edition

Appweb Enterprise Edition is an edition of Appweb published with a commercial license and royalty-free deployment benefits, including:

Please read Appweb Commercial License for more details. If you require a commercial license or commercial support for Appweb, please contact us at:

Appweb Community Edition

The Appweb Community Edition is an open source edition of Appweb governed by the GPL Open Source license. This edition is ideal for evaluating Appweb, for internal use, stand-alone use, or for integrating exclusively with other GPL software.

If you deploy products based on the Appweb Community Edition you must offer your source code that links with Appweb to the general public and anyone who requests it. If you choose the GPL license, Embedthis hereby requests a copy of your source code that is used in combination with Appweb. Please provide a copy of your source code by contacting

Please read the GNU GPL Open Source license for full details.

Evaluating Appweb

If you are evaluating Appweb internally, and not distributing any products containing Appweb, then the Appweb Community Edition is ideal. You may evaluate, develop, modify, and embed Appweb Community Edition in your application or product, provided it is not distributed. You may copy and modify the source code, provided all copies fall under the GPL license. Once your evaluation is complete, you may purchase the Enterprise Edition so that you can distribute your product under a commercial license.

Stand Alone Use

If you are wanting to use Appweb in a stand-alone manner as free-standing binaries, and are not integrating the Appweb source code or libraries with your software to create a derivative work, then the Community Edition license may be sufficient. Stand-alone use does not permit linking Appweb using either static or dynamic linking or creating a derivative work of Appweb.

Use with Other GPL Software

If you are integrating Appweb Community Edition into your application and your software is also fully licensed under the GPL license, you may use Appweb with the GPL license and embed Appweb in your applications or devices. You do not need any other agreement or license — the GPL is all you require.

Embedding with Non-GPL Software

If you wish to embed Appweb into your application, or your application is linked using static or dynamic linking with libraries containing any Appweb source code and you do not wish to publish your source code under the GPL, then you will need to use Appweb Enterprise Edition.

Please contact if you have any questions about licensing Appweb.

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