Licensing Update


Embedthis is switching to a new, more flexible Evaluation License for all our device agents including: Ioto, Appweb and GoAhead.

The new license is simpler, more flexible and eliminates issues with fear of GPL contamination.


Previously, Appweb and GoAhead evaluations were community editions of the software covered by the GPLv2 license. The GPL evaluations provided source code and some pre-built binaries.

The community editions were simplified versions of the software while the enterprise editions had additional features, a commercial license and maintenance and support.


The GPL evaluation scheme had several issues:

  • The community editions were missing features and evaluations were thus not testing the full product.
  • Some corporations have strict policies regarding GPL software due to fear that GPL’d software may inadvertently make its way into corporate software products.
  • Keeping the community edition in-sync with the enterprise edition was an unnecessary overhead.
  • Having two Git repositories and issue lists for the community and enterprise editions was confusing.

New Evaluation License

The Embedthis Evaluation license provides product source code for evaluation and/or non-commercial purposes.

The license does not permit distribution or selling products containing the softare – for that, we provide a commercial license.

To learn more about Licensing, please read Embedthis Licensing or contact us at:

Downloading Software

The Appweb and GoAhead software can be downloaded for evaluation from the EmbedThis Builder Portal.

GitHub repositories

GitHub repositories are provided for the documentation and for issues. However, software access and issue submission are now provided from the EmbedThis Builder Portal.

The software is now available



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