Ioto Device Manager

Device Manager UI for Your Users

The Device Manager is a fully customizable web app to manage your devices. It is a white-labeled, configurable, no-code, device manager. You can completely tailor your customer's experience with your logo, color scheme, dashboards, data widgets and custom UI elements.


Device Manager

Customizable, White Label, Device Manager

  • Device Manager web app for your users.
  • Ready-made, no-code configurable, Device manager.
  • Efficient single-page VueJS app.
  • Completely reskin the Device Manager to suit your custom needs.
  • Pre-integrated with Ioto cloud.
  • User login, and authentication and password management.
  • Dashboards and graphical widgets to visualize device data, state and analytics.
  • Supports single devices or device fleets.
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Device Builder

Fully Customizable

Create Your Own Custom Device UI

  • Customize, extend or replace with your own UI.
  • Add your product name, logo, color schema, custom device data and screens.
  • Library of UI widgets for graphs, tables, gauges, and editing property panels.
  • Powerful metrics support live and historical data.
  • Leverage the pre-built authentication, navigation, dashboards, world-wide deployment, security and performance.
  • Optionally replace with a bespoke UI using the API and a UI framework of your choosing.
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Customize Device Manager Make your IoT solution dance!

Pre-built Components

  • User registration, login and forgot password
  • Navigation
  • Monitoring Dashboards
  • Library of graphical widgets including: gauges, graphs, numerics and tables
  • Dynamic data display with live tables and filtering, sorting and pagination
  • Editing Panels
  • Feedback
  • Granular role based access control
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Manager UI Components

Device Data

  • Device data centralized in the hyper-scale AWS DynamoDB database.
  • Dedicated, regional database not shared with any other tenant.
  • Configurable device schema for your specific device data.
  • Transparent, bi-directional device data synchronization with the cloud.
  • REST and MQTTT API to get/set device data.
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Device Builder Members

Get Started

Start now and use the Builder to configure your custom Ioto cloud solution.

  • Define products and devices and download the Ioto device agent
  • Create AWS device clouds in a region of your choosing
  • Customize the white-label Device Manager