GoAhead 2 Security Update


For customers who have deployed GoAhead 2.1 and would like an easy upgrade to address security issues, we’ve released a special updated version of GoAhead v2. This release, GoAhead 2.2 is designed to be a simple, quick upgrade which fixes all known security issues and bugs while preserving API compatibility. It is designed to be a drop-in replacement.

GoAhead 2.2

As GoAhead has evolved from version 2 to the current version 5, the GoAhead APIs have evolved and changed. This makes updating products using GoAhead 2.1 less straightforward for customers who want to fix security issues, but do not want to expend any additional engineering time, or incur any change risk.

In response to many customer requests, we’ve backported fixes for all security and CVE issues from GoAhead 5 to the special security release GoAhead 2.2.

“We wanted to make a security update that customers could use with minimal engineering time. With the current hostile environment of the open Internet, it is essential that all devices be secured against the new waves of attack. GoAhead has been deployed in hundreds of millions of devices and we want to ensure older devices can be fully protected. Michael O’Brien, CEO Embedthis Software.”


GoAhead 2.2 is licensed separately as a special edition available to commercial customers.

Ongoing Maintenance

We will continue to support GoAhead 2.2 with patches for critical security issues. We recommend upgrading to GoAhead 5 and can assist customers to make this transition.

To learn more about GoAhead 2.2, please contact us at: sales@embedthis.com.


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