Embedthis Appweb™ Target Uses

Embedded Device Applications


When used in embedded devices or applications, web servers must assume they are secondary to the essential functions the device or application must perform. As such, the web server must minimize its resource demands and should be deterministic in the load it places on a system.

Appweb excels in this regard and is:

Appweb is the #1 embedded web server and has been successfully deployed in millions of devices and embedded applications.

Communications Services

Appweb is ideal for communications and web services. Some comms services force users to implement all applications using an async API. Others force a sync API. Appweb provides both sync and async I/O processing and APIs so services can easily be implemented in the most natural way.

Via the Embedded Server Pages framework, Appweb provides a powerful and high level platform for creating web services. An integrated XML parser and Model View Controller web frameworks allow web services to be implemented with minimal effort and code.

Appweb is an ideal back-end web server because Appweb is a fast, multi-threaded, event driven server. Each Appweb instance can host many simultaneous requests for maximum efficiency and minimal memory footprint.

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