GoAhead is the world's most popular, tiny embedded web server. It is compact, secure and simple to use. GoAhead is deployed in hundreds of millions of devices and is ideal for the smallest of embedded devices.

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Questions and Answers

Where did GoAhead come from?

The GoAhead embedded HTTP server was originally written by Embedthis staff when working at GoAhead Software in 1998 and GoAhead has been embedded in hundreds of products and hundreds of millions of devices. It remains very popular to this day. With the acquisition of GoAhead Software Inc. by Oracle, Oracle asked Embedthis to support existing GoAhead customers and to provide ongoing development and commercial licenses for the GoAhead embedded web server.

How does the GoAhead compare with Ioto?

GoAhead is a simple, compact web server that is useful for small devices without much memory. It is easily ported and has been ported to many embedded operating systems. Ioto is our latest generation web server. It embodies over 20 years of experience with embedded web servers. It is simpler, yet much faster and offers more extensive capabilities. We recommend using Ioto for all new products. For more detail, read the Web Server Comparison.

Is Embedthis enhancing the GoAhead Embedded Web Server?

Embedthis is continuing to provide security updates for GoAhead, but all our development engergies are now behind the Ioto web server.

I have products based on GoAhead 2.1. How can I upgrade?

We have released a special security update version GoAhead 2.2. This is designed to provide an easy upgrade path. It provides fixes for all known security issues and bugs while maintaining 100% API compatibility with GoAhead 2.1.8. Read more at GoAhead 2 Security Update or contact sales@embedthis.com.


Embedthis GoAhead is commercially licensed with complete source code, documentation and samples. We will work with you to tailor the license if required to meet your specific needs.

We provide free product evaluations under an Evaluation license so you may thoroughly test and understand the software before licensing.

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Commercial License Benefits

The GoAhead commercial license provides you with the following benefits:

  • The right to develop and modify the software
  • The ability to distribute the software with your products
  • Simple subscription plans
  • Software maintenance for updates and upgrades
  • Priority software support services

Read in detail about the Support Options and Subscribe for GoAhead updates.


The GoAhead embedded web server is licensed via an annual subscription service.

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Who's Using GoAhead

GoAhead is embedded in hundreds of millions of devices and applications. For example: printers, routers, switches, IP phones, mobile applications, data acquisition, military applications and WIFI gateways. Here is a small selection of who is using GoAhead.

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User Comments

Here are some comments from GoAhead users.

"I've looked at the source code and love it. Very crisp and to the point, no fluff. Well structured, great data structures, very portable, clearly the product of an expert programmer."

— Dwight Vandenberghe, Pentasoft Corporation

"We have carefully evaluated several existing open source Web servers suitable for development. The GoAhead embedded web server was by far the best solution. We managed to port it to ChorusOs and RTEMS in a few hours. That's the proof of a good design and careful coding. Wish your company all the best. Thanks for opening the code."

— Eric Valette Canon

"I've compiled GoAhead embedded web server on a number of platforms (vxWorks, Linux, Windows NT and LynxOS) and been highly impressed by the simplicity and speed of installation. We use the platforms mentioned above for data acquisition systems in science experiments; your product could provide an ideal method for simple monitoring and control of elements of the system. The small footprint and straightforward scripting capabilities are ideal for such applications."

— Tim Nichols, Real Time Systems Group

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