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Console Application

The Console application for Ioto builds Ioto and a Developer Device Manager user interface for local device management.


The Console application provides for local device management over HTTP using the Ioto embedded web server.

The Console app is a developer console for your devices. However, you can also use this application as a basis for creating your own bespoke local device management application.

The Console application includes core functionality useful for most device management apps by offering:

  • User authentication (login/logout)
  • App navigation and menus
  • Sidebar navigation
  • Display light / dark mode support
  • Dashboards with information widgets (graphs, gauges, tables, numerics)
  • Device data display, management and updating

The console uses the Ioto Device Manager VueJS core to provide this functionality.


To build the Console application select the APP and run make:

$ make APP=console clean build

The build will achieve the following goals:

  • Build the Ioto agent with required services for local device-based management.
  • Build the Console application.
  • Copy the required configuration to the ./config directory.
  • Initialize the Ioto local database with login user definitions.

After building, the Ioto agent binary will be located in the build/PROFILE/bin/ioto file. The Manager application will be copied to the ./site directory.


To run Ioto, type:

$ make run


To view the Console, launch your browser and navigate to the URL:


You will probably see a warning about the connection not being secure or "Your connection is not private". This is expected. This is a browser warning that the application is using a test TLS/SSL certificate. You may proceed as instructed and the app home page will be displayed.

You can login with the test user credentials:

Username Password
admin demo


The Console app includes a simple demonstration that increments a database counter every ten seconds. This demo consists of timed event running inside Ioto that increments a counter and the Console UI dashboard that displays the counter value via graph, gauge, table and numeric widgets.


The source to increment the database counter is in apps/console/src/demo.c.

Device Schema

The Console app defines a Demo table in the database schema via the apps/console/config/schema.json5 that includes the apps/schemas/DemoSchema.json5.

For more information about the device schema, See:

Configuring the Console Display

The Console user interface is defined by the apps/console/config/display.json5 config file that can be modified or extended to suit your specific needs.

The display.json file defines the following items:

  • UI features
  • Displayed Name
  • Display color theme including dark and light modes
  • Logo to display in the navigation bar
  • Menu items and options
  • UI pages and panels
  • UI navigation routes
  • Data tables and fields
  • Device data edit property panels
  • Dashboard data and widgets to display

The initial display.json5 configuration file defines a "developer" skin for the console.

For more information about the display file, read Manager Display.

Learn More?

See Manager Documentation for Device Manager configuration and operation details.