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Kickstart Specs

Kickstart is an Ioto VueJS application that includes the following UI components:

  • User management
  • User login
  • Property edit
  • Alert notification
  • Event log
  • Dashboard
  • Dynamic tables and graphs
  • Paged Data Tables
  • Navigation
  • Search
  • Help
  • Granular access control per page


  • Best practices security configuration
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL)
  • Secure user login
  • Password storage with Blowfish hashing and salting
  • Granular access control per-page or per URI
  • Sandboxed resource limits
  • Defensive counter-measures for DOS attacks
  • Access and access violation logging
  • Content Security Policy to minimize cross-site scripting
  • CrossOrigin sharing support
  • Hidden frame hijack prevention
  • Hardened against Crime, Breach, Beast and Lucky 13 exploits
  • Executes with minimal privilege in Chroot jail
  • Safe portable runtime to protect against memory leaks and buffer overflows
  • Angel monitoring process


  • Highly responsive UI with sub-second page transitions.
  • Excellent request throughput and scaling.
  • Small memory footprint even under heavy load (~1.5MB including TLS, database and entire application).
  • HTML, Javascript and stylesheets minified, compiled and compressed into a single file.
  • Data interchange with server via optimized JSON requests and responses.

Pre-integrated Components

  • VueJS 3 client-side Javascript library.
  • Builds with the modern Vite build tool.
  • Vuetify 3 Material Design look and feel.
  • Themeable SASS style sheets.