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Database Schema Parameters

The schema.params is a map of properties that control how data is stored in the database. It may contain the following properties:

Property Type Description
createdField string Name of the "created" timestamp attribute. Defaults to "created".
hidden boolean Hide templated (value) attributes in Javascript properties. Default true.
isoDates boolean Set to true to store dates as Javascript ISO strings vs epoch numerics. Default false.
nulls boolean Store nulls in database attributes vs remove attributes set to null. Default false.
timestamps boolean | string Make "created" and "updated" timestamps in items. Set to true to create both. Set to 'create' for only "created" timestamp and set to "update" for only an "updated" timestamp. See also: "updatedField" and "createdField" properties. Default false.
typeField string Name of the "type" attribute. Default "_type".
updatedField string Name of the "updated" timestamp attribute. Default "updated".

For example:

const MySchema = {
    params: {
        isoDates: true,
        timestamps: true,