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Embedthis Ioto™ Features

  • HTTP/1.1 server.
  • HTTP/1.1 client.
  • MQTT/3.1.1 client.
  • JSON/5 parser and query engine.
  • Embedded database (like local DynamoDB)
  • Transparent DynamoDB database cloud synchronization.
  • AWS IoT Integration with IoT Core, Shadows, Events and Rules.
  • AWS service integration with S3, Lambda, Kinesis and CloudWatch.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL) with ALPN support.
  • Safe, secure runtime core.
  • Easy provisioning.
  • Over-the-air upgrading.
  • Complete documentation.
  • Extensive Samples.
  • Full Source code.

Feature Overview

AWS IoT Integration

  • AWS Iot Ready — Bring your own cloud.
  • Capture device data and export to AWS.
  • Send control plane data to AWS IoT shadows.
  • Transparent database synchronization with AWS DynamoDB.
  • Upload data and files to AWS S3 data lake.
  • Store device logs, metrics in AWS CloudWatch.
  • Generate and rotate IAM temporary access credentials.
  • Call any AWS API via AWS SDK or more compact AWS REST SigV4 APIs.
  • Keep an audit trail in CloudTrail.

MQTT Client

  • MQTT 3.1.1 support.
  • TLS encryption with ALPN over port 443.
  • Supports connect, publish, subscribe, ping and disconnect messages.
  • Message quality of service for reliable delivery.
  • Retained messages.
  • High message throughput with exceptionally low overhead.
  • Wait for delivery or acknowledgement options.
  • Auto reconnect.
  • Parallelism via fiber coroutines.

DynamoDB Local Database

  • High performance in-memory NoSQL document database.
  • Red/black binary search indexes.
  • JSON documents with in-memory query API.
  • Controllable persistency locally and to the cloud on a per-table basis.
  • Transparent bi-directional data synchronization with DynamoDB in the cloud. (like Global Tables).
  • Unified data schema between device and cloud databases.
  • Based on DynamoDB OneTable APIs and Schemas.

HTTP Server

  • HTTP/1.0, HTTP/1.1 support.
  • TLS/SSL 1.3 and Alpn support.
  • URL actions that bind URLs to C functions.
  • Configurable request routes and redirections.
  • Supports bi-directional transfer chunk encoding to preserve keep-alive.
  • Cookie and session management.
  • Authentication and user management.
  • Fully streaming API for dynamic input and output.
  • Request tracing for HTTP request and response headers.
  • Sand-box resource limits.
  • Runtime configurable via JSON config files.
  • HTML helpers for encoding, decoding and escaping content.
  • JSON parser and query engine.
  • Single-threaded, fiber coroutine event-based runtime.

HTTP Client

  • HTTP/1.0, HTTP.1.1 client.
  • Fully streaming API for dynamic input and output.
  • Convenience JSON API for interacting with REST services.
  • Single-threaded, fiber coroutine event-based runtime.
  • TLS/SSL 1.3 with certificate verification controls.

JSON Parser and Engine

  • JSON and JSON/5 support.
  • JSON parser and renderer.
  • JSON query engine.

Safe Runtime

  • Fiber coroutines for non-blocking procedural programming model.
  • Global memory error handler.
  • Networking and TLS support.
  • Logging framework —— filter by source and/or message type.
  • Safe strings, lists, hashing and buffer management.
  • Portable, cross-platform O/S abstraction.


  • Tiny memory footprint. All-up is less than 200K code.
  • Single-threaded fiber coroutines provide an elegant, non-blocking, procedural programming paradigm without resorting to ugly callbacks or complex threads.
  • Web server request throughput (> 9,300 requests per second on Raspberry PI 4).


  • Sandbox limits.
  • Safe portable runtime to protect against memory leaks and buffer overflows.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS/SSL).

Developer Integration

  • Stand-alone Ioto program
  • Embeddable Ioto library
  • Easy, intuitive programming model
  • Extensive C API


  • Full C API Documentation
  • Cookbook of samples (cut and paste to get going)
  • Tutorials

Platform Support

  • Linux (2.6+)
  • MAC OS X (10.7+)
  • FreeBSD (10.X+)
  • FreeRTOS (pending)
  • RIOT (pending)

Ioto is portable and users may wish to port Ioto to other operating systems. Support is available to assist in such efforts.

Embedding Support

  • Supports ARM, MIPS, X86, X64, PPC, RiscV, SH, Sparc processors
  • Full cross-compilation support. Use Linux or Mac as build system
  • Fine-grained control for conditional build and compilation