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Ioto provides some simple helper functions to read and write files.

To read a file in one go:

ssize   size;

char *data = rReadFile("file.txt", &size);

To write a file:

ssize length = rWriteFile("file.txt", data, dataLen, 0644);

To get the current working directory:

char dir = rGetCwd();

To get the base directory containing the application executable:

char dir = rGetAppDir();

To join two file paths:

PUBLIC char *rJoinFile(cchar *base, cchar *other);

To matach a file against a glob pattern. This tests a filename against a file pattern that list may contain the wildcards: "?" Matches any single character, "" matches zero or more characters of the file or directory and "*"/ matches zero or more directories

if (rMatchFile("file.text", "*.txt")) {
    //  Matches

To get a list of files in a directory or subdirectories that match the given wildcard pattern.

RList *list = rGetFiles("/somedir", "*.txt", 0);

To walk a directory tree and invoke a callback for each path that matches a given pattern.

rWalkDir("/dir", "*.txt", fn, arg, 0);

To get a temporary filename:

char *path = rGetTempFile("/tmp", "TEMP-");

This returns a temporary filename in /tmp starting with the "TEMP-" prefix.