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Personal Profile

The personal profile displays your login information including your login information and personal preferences.

Changing Name

If you have logged in using an email address and password, you can change your personal profile including your first and last name.

Social Media Login

If you have logged on via a social media account such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, and you wish to change your profile, you need to do that via your social media account.

Account ID

Your Builder account ID is shown on the profile page and this may be requested by support staff should you need assistance in resolving an issue.

Guide Hints

The Guide hint toggle controls the display of UI sign-posts that guide your use of the Builder site. While you can dismiss the guide posts individually on their respective pages, you can also turn off the Guide Hints toggle to turn off all sign-posts. If you decide to enable again in the future, you can select Re-Enable which will redisplay all posts including those you have individually dismissed.