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The billing center page displays your billing cards and issued invoices and page will be enabled if you are an "owner" of the Builder account. You become an owner by having a member role set to "owner".


Payment Cards

Your billing cards will be displayed and the current card will be shown as the default card to use for payment. Click "Add Card" to enter a new card. Click on an existing card to modify, delete or designate a card as the default card to use for billing.

For your security, only the last 4 digits of the card number are stored for verification purposes.


As you are billed, invoices are created and stored. You will be emailed the invoice PDF and you can download invoiced from the invoice table.

Invoice Address

To change the company name or billing address on your invoices, click on the Invoice Address button and enter the required details.

Reissue Invoice

If you change the invoice address, you can click Reissue to re-generate the invoice with the updated invoice address.