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Consulting Services

Embedthis has deep and broad experience creating embedded device, management interfaces and web applications that have been deployed in hundreds of millions of devices world-wide.

We specialize in doing tough, critical technology and applications. Our clients usually have stringent requirements and high expectations. We pride ourselves in exceeding these expectations.

Service Models

We can work with your team in a variety of ways:

Outsourced development. Give us the whole or a piece of your project and we will deliver back to you complete, reliable, secure and documented solutions. Our work is clean, proven and easy to assimilate back into your organization. We'll even train you.

Consultant. Use us to help, validate and confirm your designs and directions. We can help spare you critical mistakes.

Team member. Regard us as one of your team. We can do the hard parts and participate in your development process and deliver critical pieces on time and under budget. Some companies keep us on retainer as an ongoing part of their team.

Embedthis can work on a time and materials basis or fixed price quotation after the provision of detailed requirements.


Embedthis has extensive experience with many platforms and technologies including:

  • IoT and cloud-based device management especially AWS and AWS IoT.
  • Linux, Windows, VxWorks, FreeRTOS and other embedded operating systems.
  • X86, Arm, Mips and other embedded CPUs.
  • TCP/IP, TLS, MQTT and other networking.
  • AWS Cloud including: IoT, DynamoDB, Lambda, IAM, CloudFront, EC2, ECS, ...
  • Javascript, HTML, VueJS and single page web applications.
  • Embedded Device security.

Please contact us at to discuss your project needs or sign up and pay-as-you-go at the Builder Support Center.

Consulting Help

Whether you have a new device project or an existing product, a review of your embedded management design can spot and fix potential issues. We can review your design, security and code to ensure you are on the right path.

Cloud Management

Managing devices from the cloud is non-trivial. It requires familiarity with both embedded design and cloud environments. Embedthis can guide you through the process of moving to the cloud. We can assist with:

  • Setting up your EmbedThis Ioto account
  • Configuring your AWS IoT account
  • Building and integrating the Ioto agent
  • Creating a connected embedded device
  • Connecting to the cloud and device communications
  • Creating cloud-based management applications

Data Modeling and Mapping

It is critical when designing your device data schema to ensure that you can support all your desired analytics and operational management requirements. We can assist in creating and reviewing your device data model so that it can meet your needs of today and tomorrow.


Consulting services hours can be purchased as needed via the Builder Support Center.

There is a minimum commitment of 2 hours and you can purchase developer services as you require.


To discuss your project, please contact us at Embedthis Services.

Customer Quotes

"Embedthis are hands down the best embedded engineering team I have ever worked with. Their code is exceptionally clean, elegant, and an inspiration to avid software developers. Embedthis knows how to hit a deadline and provide extraordinary transparency in the development process. If you're doing embedded work, I can't think of anyone that would be better to have on your team. They are really pushing the edge of what tiny processors can do, putting the web platform on the head of a pin. Literally." Scott Penberthy, Gilt Group.

"Embedthis are great to work with and they played a critical role in designing and building our embedded web management application. They were well organized, knew how to cleanly walk through the process; guiding us each step of the way. They provided excellent support as we worked through the final details to modify the code before delivery to our customer." Greg Hoepfner, Colmek.

"Embedthis was an integral part of our development and they did outstanding work for us. They consistently exceeded our expectations while delivering complex pieces of technology. They enabled us to launch to market much sooner than expected and their code was clean, compact and very high quality." Roy Satterthwaite, Bling Software.